Montag, 14. April 2014


Zum zweiten Mal in Graz beim - so scheint's zumindest mir - größten Barcamp des Landes, zumindest ist es sicher das vielfältigste, weil's eigentlich fünf sind, das BarCampGraz14

Besucht hab ich Sessions bei vieren davon. So viele spannende Themen, bloß schad', dass keine dabei waren, bei denen Frauen einen aktiven Part inne hatten und eigentlich auch schad', dass viele vorbereitete Powerpointpräsentationen verwendeten. Sicher erleichtert das so einiges, aber ich erinnere mich noch an mein erstes Barcamp, da haben wir uns tatsächlich spontan zu dritt zusammengefunden, ein Thema bearbeitet, angerissen und dann wurde lebhaft diskutiert...

Aber gut, es ist ja auch jedes mal anders.

Großer Dank jedenfalls an die super Organisation und die gute Verpflegung!

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012


BarCampGraz So back in May I attended my first 5-in-1 Camp (design, politics, knowledge, geo and i). Unfortunately I could only attend one day - the camp lasted from Friday to Sunday - but it was still worth the day trip. Interessting people, interesting subjects, lovely vegan food and and organic, sustainably produced tee.

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

IndiaCamp 2011

My first BarCamp on social media back in December 2010 was really great and I'm also quite interested in India. How fortunate then that the blokes from Indische Wirtschaft - Stefan Mey and Wolfgang Bergthaler - organised an IndiaCamp in Vienna on Sat.30 April 2011.

Although one day is definitely much too short to cover all the diverse aspects of this huge country, we actually did quite well: econmic and business aspects, culture and intercultural issues, fotos, education, dance, cricket and of course Bollywood to name but a few sessions.The whole thing was spiced up by a lovely Southindian lunch and hot chai in the afternoon.

The people were almost as diverse as the topic of this BarCamp and came from all different paths of life: Austrians, Indians, Germans, Danes, ... journalists, students, entrepreneurs ...

The venue, by the way, couldn't have been better: namely the Hub Vienna - a spacious, airy loft with a friendly and inspiring atmosphere.

Starting from about 9.30 am the official programme ended some time around 7 pm but the inofficial chatting and networking went on till the early hours of the next day.

So I'm already looking forward to the next IndiaCamp which will hopefully last 2 days or even longer ...

Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

My 1st BarCamp

... well, actually it was a half-day camp, which was actually less intimidating to begin with for a newbie like me. So here are my first impressions of today's hdcvie:

The half-day camp Vienna took place in the former imperial palace in the very heart of the city and was dedicated to "social media & values". I was rather intrigued to see how well this more or less spontaneously planned and organised un-conference worked out. No tiring non-stop powerpoint presentations, facilitators and presenters sticking to their actual time slots, engaged audience, lively discussions ... everything you'd long for in a "normal" conference. So, I'd be definitely in for yet another barcamp!

Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

Half Day Camp 2.12.10

Tomorrow is Half Day Camp Vienna Day ... see for yourself ... so will I #hdcvie

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