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BarCampGraz So back in May I attended my first 5-in-1 Camp (design, politics, knowledge, geo and i). Unfortunately I could only attend one day - the camp lasted from Friday to Sunday - but it was still worth the day trip. Interessting people, interesting subjects, lovely vegan food and and organic, sustainably produced tee.

Finish Communication - First Steps

So, I'm not even there yet but there's already an intercultural Austro-Finish hiccup.

After having browsed for ages and ages on quite a few platforms for temporary accommodation, I'd finally made out a tiny studio which seemed to just suit my needs.

The prospective landlady's response was promising. My hopes high. That was in early June. It was quite busy at work so I didn't really have the time to follow up. Yet, come end of June it came to me that I was to head north in barely 1.5 months ... and that I hadn't got any sort of confirmed flat yet. So, I got a wee bit nervous. Then a mail from the lady: Would I like to take the studio? Like? Yes, of course! Please let me know how to proceed!

The next 2 weeks silence.

Ok, I'd already read in my first book on Finland that they're usually cut anything superfluous out of their communication. I can live with that. But she'd actually asked me a question and I had replied but hadn't received any sort of confirmation...

So I got even more nervous. With work and all the preparation that still needed to be done I didn't want to start from scratch with my flat search. So, I sent another mail.


So I grew more and more tense. Started to approach everybody I knew who had the slightest connection with saunaland whether they could help me on that matter.

Still nothing. I got almost a bit scared.

Either she had received a better offer, i.e. someone wanting to stay for much longer. Or - and that was my secret hope - it was merely a question of the Finish summer frenzy.

Last week I couldn't bare the suspension anymore and called. I got hold of her - guess where - right, in the middle of her summer holiday.

Everything was fine. Next day I got a mail including the memorable words "one should always confirm" ;-)

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