Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

Finally a Book Crosser

I'd heard about BookCrossing ages ago, but only registered just today. The idea of freeing books is very appealing indeed. Right now, there are already 679,897 members and almost 5 million !!! freed books travelling all around the world. So just follow the motto: Have you freed any good books lately?


Nicht 1001, sondern bereits sagenhafte 1005 Tage online! Wenn auch im letzten Jahr arbeitsbedingt nicht mehr so brav gebloggt hab. Dafür haben wir jetzt in der Arbeit ein neues Spielzeug: ein eigenes Wiki für die starken Frauen ;-)

Regency vs Empire

Just so that I won't forget where to get the patterns to sew original dresses Jane Austen or Josephine might have worn. Either the Jane Austen Centre in Bath - they even do accessories like straw bonnets and lace gloves. Or - which might be even easier due to the euro - Naaipatronen.nl

Knitting 1940ies

I've again fallen for period dress. The amazing V&A has published original 1940ies knitting patterns on it's website ... horray - finally know what to do during this year's dark long and lonely winter evenings!

Wings of Fame

Finally seen this one as well ... a bit weird like Apartment Zero but definitely better than Nostromo. I was just a bit taken aback when I rediscovered that Marie Trintignant is already dead ... and very much surprised that "die Kaiser" i.e. Ellen Umlauf was in the cast as well.

I carried a watermelon

Baby (Dirty dancing) : 76%
Beatrix Kidow (Kill Bill) : 75%
Michelle (American pie) : 73%
Jean Grey (Xmen) : 73%
Leeloo (The fifth élément) : 73%
Ellen Ripley (Alien) : 72%
Catherine Tramell (Basic instinct) : 70%
Vivian Ward (Pretty woman) : 68%
Trinity (Matrix) : 66%
Bridget Jones : 62%

Quelle héroïne de film es-tu ?

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